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SCALE Kicks-off with an Unforgettable Launch Event

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The SCALE Fellowship officially launched on February 18th with an unbelievable kick-off event. The eight 2021 SCALE Fellows along with their selected guests (family, supporters, and friends) were treated to video introductions of each fellow. Each video showcased both the talent and unique attributes of the musician. SCALE Fellows; INEZ, D’Shay, Sierra Sellers, Diarra Imani, Chandra Rhyme, Clara Kent, and Saige Samurai Velvet each introduced themselves following each of their videos. After the introduction of the fellows the audience heard from the incredible group of program experts and facilitators– consisting of a Grammy award winning artist, artist manager, music industry lawyers, producers, and entrepreneurs– each bringing their unique skill set and expertise including; songwriting, production, marketing, branding, and legal support to the program participants.

The evening could have ended there but the SCALE team had a surprise. When SCALE Program Director, Leigh Solomon Pugliano introduced the legendary Gladys Knight into the Zoom room you could literally feel the earth shift! SCALE Fellows, their family, friends, and facilitators were shocked and very pleasantly surprised. Ms. Knight shared beautiful words of wisdom with the SCALE Fellows. She spoke to the audience about the power of song, the beauty of Black women working together and supporting one another, and shared with us what her mother told her when she was a young singer… If you’re gonna sing that note, you betta sing that note”.

Gladys Knight surprising SCALE Fellows and guests

The event ended on the highest of notes when SCALE Fellows were invited to engage in conversation with activist, writer, and educator, Rachel Cargle. During the intimately curated conversation, Rachel shared her journey, expertise in building audience and manifesting ideas, and answered questions from the fellows.

Bacardi U.S.A. representative, Ayesha Scott was also present, showing support for the program through the Bacardi Women in Leadership Sponsorship.

The 2021 SCALE Fellowship Facilitators:

  • Brittany Blackwell: Consultant, Founder – Black Women in Music Research Firm

  • James Brown: Program Director, YMCA Lighthouse

  • Tanisha Jackson: Attorney, Writer, Music Historian, Artist Manager

  • Eritza Laues: Grammy Award Winning Songwriter, Artist Development

  • Jason McKoy: Artist, Founder – McKoy Creative

  • Jacquelin Walker: Entrepreneur, Attorney for the Creative Industry

SCALE Fellowship Facilitators and Program Managers

The SCALE Fellowship is an 8-month residency program designed to provide individualized artist development, entrepreneurial skill-building curriculum, and intentional opportunities for Black women in music to connect, share, learn, grow, and collaborate. Each cohort will accept up to 8 participants for the 8-month residency program and provide Fellows with a financial award for acceptance into the program along with additional funds for: equipment, technology, business development, recording, branding, and legal support. The program is a collaborative partnership between Limelight Creative, Barrels to Beethoven, and Straightforward Consulting.

To partner, sponsor, or learn more about SCALE email us at: for information.

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