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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The Equity | Impact Center and Limelight Creative, are thrilled to announce the 2022 SCALE Fellowship Cohort! Our organizations, along with music creatives, professionals, and experts with various music industry expertise, have once again collaborated to design and implement a program that intends to advance the careers of Black women in the music sector.

The artists selected for the 2022 program represent a diversity of musical genres and artistic styles. We are excited to welcome this exceptional and talented group to SCALE!

The 2022 SCALE Fellows:

The SCALE Fellowship was designed in 2019 to provide individualized artist development, entrepreneurial skill-building curriculum, and intentional opportunities for Black women in music to connect, share, learn, grow, and collaborate. SCALE will support these artist entrepreneurs in designing business structures and growth strategies while providing resources to create work and perfect their craft.

We are excited to welcome this exceptional and talented group to SCALE! Black women in music, like in other art forms and sectors, are not only held to a higher standard but often lack opportunities for advancement. We deal with appropriation and exploitation of our work while working to overcome the additional pressures on us, and barriers against us. Breaking down systemic barriers for Black women in music requires a holistic approach. All too often resources, programs, and opportunities are designed without the skills, knowledge, expertise and lived experience required to intentionally address the barriers that exist" -Leigh Solomon Pugliano, SCALE Creator and President & CEO of the Equity | Impact Center

This project serves as the genesis stage of a vision to build a long-term solution for musicians that combats systemic inequities in the arts and music sectors. SCALE will serve as a blueprint for designing equitable and impactful programs for artists with intersectional strategies that lead to greater success in their careers and creative work.

To check out the 2021 SCALE Fellowship cohort and learn more about the program, watch the “What is SCALE?” video.

The SCALE Fellowship is generously supported by The Hillman Family Foundation. To become a program Partner, Sponsor, or Donate to support SCALE Artists, please contact us at

Follow the journey:

Twitter | Instagram @scalefellowship

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